10+ Mehndi Designs For Diwali or Dipavali 2020

Mehndi Designs For Diwali or Dipavali

Mehndi art originated some 9000 years back in Asia and some sections of the Middle East. We have the vision to share some best Mehndi Designs. We don’t just allow it to be simple for you to find the designs made, but it’s also pleasing to the eyes, yours and those who look at it as well.

For small and little hands, Easy Mehndi Designs For Diwali are also available. These easy Mehandi designs are normally helpful for those with long fingers.

Mehndi Designs For Diwali

Mehndi Designs For Diwali

Best Mehndi Designs For Diwali

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated in the entire world with good happiness and joy. Diwali is a period once you really will need to seem great in each and every perspective. Diwali is a time once you actually need to appear your best in every facet. Diwali is among the biggest festival in India. Diwali is among the biggest festivals of India that’s celebrated with fantastic enthusiasm.

How to Draw Mehndi Designs For Diwali in 2020

You are able to combine the Asian and Arabic appearance to the mehndi design in Diwali Mehndi. Your little princess hands are sometimes an ideal canvas to try out some distinctive designs. Princess style hands find it impossible to handle thorough tattoos. Here are some of the best Diwali Mehndi Designs in 2020.

1. Indian Mehendi Design for Diwali

Indian Diwali Mehendi Design

Indian Mehendi designs are too easy to design. But now all mehndi designs are simple to make. You can choose any design as your Diwali Designs. Make sure that it will match with your hand color and traditional look. Some popular patterns are peacock, flowers, along with unique curves.

2. Arabic Diwali Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Diwali

Arabic Mehndi Designs will be a good option for Dipavali or Bhai Duj. They have a dark black color look which is attractive. You can also make a bracelet type pattern, which is easy to draw.

Most women and girls find mehndi designs difficult since they have very thin lines. You are able to pair our Diwali mehndi design with any kind of dress. This mehndi design is quite unique. Simple mehndi designs seem beautiful and distinctive. These Dipavali designs are ideal for young girls. All these designs are made by famous designers. These mehndi designs are very simple from several other designs. Arabic simple mehndi designs aren’t just for hands.

3. Pakistan Diwali Mehndi Designs

Pakistan Diwali Mehndi Designs is a combination of Arabian and Indian Mehendi. It includes peacock mehndi design as a traditional mehndi design for this Diwali. Leafs and floral designs are perfect for this upcoming Diwali mehndi art.

4. Moroccan Diwali Mehndi Patterns

This Diwali mehndi art is a mixture of Indian and Arabic style, that includes a floral pattern. It covers the whole hand and wrist with floral and paisleys. This will add more charm to your traditional look on this Diwali. It includes circular patterns with floral, oval and circle design.

5. Glitter Mehandi Design for Dipavali

The Diwali tattoos are usually coloured brown but some tattoo designers use the range of colour combinations so as to make substantial shades. Henna tattoos for Diwali are supple since they could possibly be drawn anywhere within the body. Designing Diwali tattoos in the hands is easy in comparison to new components of the body. It is commonly used on the Arabic Mehndi because of its capability to provide a solid colour that cannot be taken off easily.

This is one of the best Mehndi designs that include original Mehendi products. This style includes the latest fashion.

6. Multi-Coloured Design for Diwali

You can use one or more colors to make your Diwali Mehndi Designs more beautiful and attractive. Many Women are widely accepting this design in recent times.

7. Simple Floral DiwaliMehndi Designs

This Diwali Mehndi Design has a traditional look and design. It is very simple to draw and looks very gorgeous on your traditional Diwali look. It has a floral vine design on your whole palm to till the wrist.

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These beautiful Mehndi designs are thought to be safe, painless and non-permanent. There is also uniqueness in the way they have been done on the fingers. Actually, some basic designs look so stylish they can actually accentuate western wear. The design is quite easy, yet appears lovely.

These minimalist Dipavali mehndi designs are ideally suited for people who are searching for some very simple mehndi designs. Most of all, very simple Indian mehndi designs are simple to create. This design majorly contains floral patterns alongside paisley and vine motifs, which together make an aesthetic appeal. These modern and lovely Simple mehndi designs may be a perfect pick for virtually any occasion and also with no occasion. Consisting of a couple of curvy lines and dots, this mehndi design appears clean and trendy. These peacock pattern mehndi designs for the rear of the hand is truly unique.

The fantastic shades of mehndi together with the rocks touches are usually delivering it a superb feel. You may change color in accordance with your dress. Make certain you use tons of orange color. It’s possible to use any other color of your pick.


All these Diwali mehndi designs are handpicked for all the women and girls to make this Diwali more colorful. You can comment on your Diwali mehndi design in the comment box or tag us on social media. Thick mehndi patterns are ordinarily a considerable preference for nearly all brides-to-be. An easy motif without many intricacies will appear fabulous on a youthful girl’s little hand. Several of the traditional motifs are peacock, paisleys, leaves in addition to flowers. There are numerous animal motifs for henna designs but peacock is just one of the most gorgeous designs.

Another massive floral pattern was placed at the centre of the palms and the fingers also have been covered intricately with Diwali mehndi. The absolute most important pattern in the middle of the hands uses a huge dot and also a simple and easy detailed tutorial of Latest Pakistani mehndi designs.

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